Complex automated systems

D.L. Neu & Associates provides complex automated systems utilizing automated storage retrieval of pallets and/or totes, high speed sortation systems, paperless order selection systems, goods to person systems, palletizing systems for cartons or totes, pallet wrapping systems, weigh in motion systems, and print / apply label systems.

Warehouse Automation

Whether you have a manufacturing facility, a distribution center or a simple warehouse, chances are you have opportunities to improve your efficiencies. We can automate your processes, including receiving, put-away, storage, move, picking, packing, verifying and shipping. We can provide new or improve your existing warehouse automation system, which might include WMS (Warehouse Management Software) or WCS (Warehouse Control System). We can provide better control of your inventory and processes from the receiving dock to shipping with real-time knowledge of the status and events going on in your facility. We can tailor these warehouse systems to provide real-time information at your fingertips, helping meet delivery, demand, while eliminating errors.

Our business is making sure your business is running smoothly.