Order Fulfillment with Speed and Accuracy

In today’s market, order selection speed and accuracy are very important to your bottom line. D.L. Neu & Associates offers cost effective order fulfillment solutions that will improve your order fulfillment speed and accuracy as well as minimize congestion. You will experience improved customer service and quality as additional benefits. D.L. Neu can evaluate your current operation and determine if one of our advanced picking systems will provide your company the competitive advantage you are seeking. We offer paperless order selection solutions such as RF Picking, Pick to Light, Put to Light, Voice Directed Picking, RF Pick Carts and Goods to Person solutions.

Industry expertise

In addition to these advanced methods of picking, we also offer common manual methods of picking such as full case pick modules, split case pick modules and slow mover modules. Contact us today so that D.L. Neu & Associates can assist your company in developing an order fulfillment solution that will lower operating costs, increase your labor productivity and provide a quick return on your investment.We offer cost effective solutions to improve your bottom line.

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