Maximize your available space

Racking systems and storage solutions vary widely in their design and purpose yet all have one thing in common: they are designed to maximize available space and make it more condensed and user friendly. Whether it’s a few bays of pallet rack, case-flow racking for a new picking operation, a platform above an existing work area, or a large mezzanine to support a whole new processing area efficient use of space is extremely important and valuable to the customer. We provide our clients with both “standard” solutions that are essentially “off the shelf” or customized solutions in challenging areas. Designing the system with the customer’s need in mind early on in the process, provides greater value and improved return on your investment. We listen to you, our customer, when designing a racking or storage system specifically for your exact needs.

Racking Storage

Static Storage (Selective Pallet Rack, Drive-In Pallet Rack)
Dynamic Storage (Pallet Flow Rack – FIFO, Pallet Push-Back Rack – LIFO)

Platforms, Structures & Mezzanines

Standard Platforms
Customized Structures & Mezzanines

Automated Pallet Handling Solutions

D.L. Neu & Associates offers both highly automated palletizing solutions as well as manual end of line palletizing solutions for totes, cartons and mixed case loads. Our automated palletizing systems can palletize at high rates and are reliable for twenty-four-hour operation. We also offer palletizing solutions that utilize a manual palletizing approach. Such as end of line palletizing, recirculation palletizing loops and ergonomic pallet positioners.

We often integrate automated pallet handling systems at the discharge of our palletizing systems. This includes automated pallet wrap stations and print and apply stations.

No matter what your packaging operation looks like, D.L. Neu & Associates has a palletizing system that will meet your specific palletizing requirements.

Industrial Shelving for Warehouse Storage

D.L. Neu & Associates provides shelving systems such as VNA shelving for slow movers in your warehouse, industrial shelving for tool rooms / maintenance areas and heavy duty shelving for die storage.  Drawer systems and bin systems are also available to further enhance your storage needs and maximize your storage space available.

Our business is making sure your business is running smoothly.